Decatur Auto Repair

How to Keep Your Car in Good Shape


If you were to ask an automotive repair service center how you can keep your car in good condition, they would have a lot of helpful tips to offer you. When you take the necessary steps to take good care of your car, it will run smoother, will not break down, and will give you extra years to the life span of the car. The following is a list of some good tips offered by a professional auto repair service in Decatur:

Keep It Clean

The car wash is about a lot more than making the car shine. Keeping dirt, grime, exhaust residue, and salt off of your car will protect the paint, the windows, and the engine.

Refill the Tank before It's Empty

A lot of people are in the bad habit of waiting until the gas light pops on in the car to get it refueled. This can damage your car. Try to make sure that the tank never gets more than 3/4 empty, and you will find that your engine will run a lot smoother. You will also avoid feeling stressed about being stranded on the side of the road.

Change the Oil Regularly

The recommendations for changing the oil are there for a reason. This is not some conspiracy to get you to purchase more oil than is really necessary. If you always follow these recommendations, you will find your car paying you back with fewer engine problems. Your car needs proper lubrication to do its job well.

Get the Tires Rotated Regularly

It is not just the engine on your car that you need to maintain. The tires are pretty important as well. Rotating your tires on a regular basis will ensure that they last longer, and will keep them from wearing unevenly. This will not only allow the tires to last longer, but will keep you safer as well.

Park in the Shade

A lot of people are already in this habit for personal reasons of comfort. While it can keep you more comfortable when getting back in your car on a long day, it will also help protect your car. The paint can be damaged and fade in direct sunlight, the interior will fade and get brittle, and your engine can be close to overheating before you even turn it on.

Invest in Covered Parking at Home

Cars that are kept in a garage or under a carport will have a lot more protection from the elements, and will therefore run much better for much longer.